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Pirate Man Costume

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Pirate Man Costume


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Pirate Man Costume

How does buried treasure sound to you? Imagine gold coins, pieces of eight, doubloons, and more pirate booty than you could carry! I won me a map in a tavern the other night. The rapscallion pirate I got it from had a bit too much grog and I took advantage. Join me in this quest and I swear to reward you handsomely with a share of the bounty and a really great time at a pirate theme party or Halloween party along the way.

Pirate Man Costume includes Pirate Shirt, Pants, Waist Sash and Headband. Pirate Costume size is Standard. One Size Fits Most Adults.

IMPORTANT NOTE: the manufacturer has changed this costume from what is pictured here and on the packaging. Instead of a Black, White and Red Striped Pirate Shirt the Pirate Shirt is Black and Red Striped. Also the Headband is not Black, White and Red striped, but Black and Red. We will try to get an updated picture as soon as possible.

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