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Deluxe Pirate Beard & Moustache Set

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Deluxe Pirate Beard & Moustache Set


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Deluxe Pirate Beard and Moustache Set

Ever seen a clean shaven pirate? I think not. The best position you can hope for aboard a pirate ship without with a soft little baby-face would be Cabin Boy. If that thought send shivers up yer timbers, then we have the product for you. A completely realistic beard and moustache set in the likeness of the ones adorning Captain Jack Sparrow's fine face. And you just can't get any more piratey than that. So enough with being the ship's servant. Move on up to swabbing the deck, swordfights and treasure seeking like a real pirate.

Deluxe Pirate Beard & Moustache Set.

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