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How to Choose Lingerie

I hate going into the lingerie store, pawing through the items as I try to find a nice bra or an intimate nightgown that will look sexy and still fit my large bustline. I especially hate the murmurs through the door of “How does that fit dear,” or the embarrassment when I am asked, “Do you want a bra with padding?”

Of course, most of the embarrassment could be from the dirty look I receive at my answer, “Do I look like I need padding?”

Still, I love lingerie and the enjoyment of wearing it greatly eclipses the lack of enjoyment purchasing it. The key to choosing and ultimately buying lingerie is to know three things about yourself before you decide on a style or collection.

Comfort Zone:

What is your comfort zone? Do you love see through outfits or do you prefer long satin dressing gowns? Knowing your comfort zone is a big step in knowing what you are looking for.

If you don’t feel comfortable in the see through apparel, then that isn’t the best material for you to choose from but if you feel that maybe you could spend an evening in the fabric, by all means give it a try. Bustiers that feel too confining, even for only a few minutes of wear, should be left by the wayside. Being in lingerie should make you feel sexy and comfortable so anything that doesn’t shouldn’t be charged to your credit cards.

Your Budget:

Speaking of credit, you should know what you are comfortable spending. I am always surprised that for something requiring such a little bit of material, it can be awfully expensive. Let price be a guide as to what you choose to buy in lingerie.

You may find that what you are using your lingerie for, may decide on the budget you have. Something that you use every day may have a higher budget so you can purchase something that last, while something that is a one night deal may have a lower budget. Of course, if it is for that special first night, the sky just might be the budget and no amount of worry will make you lower your price point. Play it by ear and comfort.

Your Body:

Finally, your body type will greatly affect your choice in lingerie. Some styles look great on some body types but not so great on others. Know your body type and any problem areas that you have so that you can look like a sensual vixen in all your lingerie.

Small Breasts: With small breasts you can do one of two things, or even both for that matter, by either accentuating your breasts or drawing the eye to another area. To accentuate your breasts, purchase items with padding in it. If you prefer not using padding, purchase outfits with underwire, which helps raise your breasts.

If you decide to draw the eye, go with lingerie that is cut high on the leg. Add to the allure with a colorful thong and he will be too busy looking at your legs to notice anything else.

Large Breasts: Before you cock an eyebrow at me, yes, large breasts can be difficult to dress too. The same advice applies as with small breasts. Use an underwire for support. Also, avoid outfits with small triangles of fabric over the breasts since they don’t offer great support or coverage. Be careful with empire waists as well since they can make you appear larger than you are or the seam can run across the middle of your breasts creating a less than stellar effect.

Soft Tummy: Uugh, no one wants a soft tummy but it happens. If you are concerned with your tummy, use color to look great in almost any type of lingerie. Dark colors are the best or having a light bodice and dark bottom to draw the eye to your other assets works as well. Don’t wear any lingerie that shows the belly, regardless of color.

Short legs: If you have short legs, lengthen them with high cut lingerie and thong panties. Add height with a nice pair of stilettos.

One last thing about choosing lingerie is to find a color that compliments your hair color and skin tone; soft pastels for blond hair, rich greens for red and bright primaries for brown.

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