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What is Lingerie?

What is lingerie? Well, to answer that question you would need to answer many other questions and each answer would come for a different source. The answer is simple yet complex.

Cryptic enough, probably but like lingerie, the excitement in the answer is in peeling each delectable layer away.

In the plain, boring definition of lingerie, it means any type of linen item that women wear under their outer garments, as sleep wear or for more intimate reasons. This can be an umbrella term for anything a woman wears either underneath or behind closed doors. These can include everyday items like bras, sports bras, underwear, pantyhose and even those frumpy pyjamas with the frogs all over them.

For the purpose of this explanation, however; let’s peel off another layer and focus more on the word intimate. We all know what intimate means and I don’t really want to get into the definition since it is more of a category that I would like to talk about.

Lingerie, in the more intimate apparel sense, are items of clothing that make a woman feel sexy, sensual and gloriously feminine. And that is where my cryptic beginning is answered since every woman has a different opinion of what makes them feel feminine and sexy.

For the main opinion, lingerie tends to be the silks and satins, the lace and see through materials, the bold colors and playful prints. Bras can be classed as lingerie if they have lace embellishments or shiny fabrics. Bold colors or prints are another indicator of the lingerie bra and if you match that with a panty made in similar colors and fabrics, well, you have a lingerie set that will make blood boil.

Night gowns that are curve hugging and made from a variety of cool materials such as satin and silk are considered to be intimate lingerie. They can be any length, can have a slit up the side or a plunging neckline or they can simply hang in an elegant manner. Nightgowns that also have lace embellishments or are made completely of lace are also classified as intimate lingerie.

Lastly, lingerie can be of the more exotic items, you know the ones, those items that you don’t want anyone but your boyfriend to know you have. They can be pretty simple with a pair of gloves and maybe a revealing neckline with a snap crotch. Nothing too risqué but they can also step over the edge and go from innocently seductive to sinfully playful with buttons, feathers and sequins. They can be made from all the fabrics of the less risqué items but they can also be made with sheer fabric or even leather. Generally, bustiers and baby doll nightgowns are grouped in with the exotic lingerie but with a little less embellishment those two items can be fairly innocent compared to other outfits.

In the end, yes, lingerie can be the everyday unmentionables but just like women, lingerie can be so much more.

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