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The Lingerie Party

Over the last several years, I have seen a shift in how women view lingerie; it is no longer a dirty little secret. We all know that every girl has a few unmentionables so the comfort with mentioning them has reached new levels. With this comfort, there has been an increase in lingerie parties and they aren’t strictly for a bachelorette.

I remember when I was getting married I had a nice luncheon with my bride’s maids, mother and mother-in-law at this fancy patio cafe that was filled on a daily basis. I had thought that the patio would be empty since it was the middle of a work week but I wasn’t too worried about making a scene since this was the luncheon where I was giving my gifts to my bride’s maids.

My mother, on the other hand, had a completely different idea of how the get together was going to go and by the time I was finished the meal, I was ready to hide in shame. My mother, and mother-in-law had piled present after present into my lap, all of them filled with lingerie, even my soon to be grandmother-in-law had sent a rather risqué bustier with faux feathers, garter belts and embellished stockings.

I probably could have made it through the day if it hadn’t been for the large table of about 6 businessmen watching and smiling as my mom had me hold the lingerie up in front of myself or the way she broke them all out again to show our waitress. The last embarrassment came when the group of men passed by and a businessman leaned across our table, looked me straight in the eye and said, “You’re husband is going to be one lucky guy.”

Of course, when we talk about lingerie parties now, chances are they aren’t going to be out in the public like my impromptu one was but they will still have all the elements that make it eventful. You will have the shy moments, the red cheeks, the laughter and you will probably have the good food and potent drinks.

There are tons of companies out there that offer lingerie parties and I don’t really recommend any in particular. If you are trying to find the best company, ask around since I am sure you will find a few girls that have thrown one or two themselves. If you can’t find anyone who can offer advice, check out various websites of lingerie party companies to see what they offer, and if they have any testimonials; take any references with a grain of salt, though, since a company is only going to post their best reviews.

To get you started on finding a lingerie party representative, visit the following sites. These are companies that openly promote their lingerie party services and they will be able to direct you to a party representative for their company. These sites are Pampered Passions Lingerie, Fantasy Inc., Essence of Romance Inc., and . It is important to remember that some companies offer more than just lingerie so if you are uncomfortable with sex toys or anything else that is termed as risqué, try to find a company that just sells lingerie and maybe a few massage items.

After that, it is just the planning part. Keep the party fun. Sure it can be elegant if you would like it to be an almost runway party but nothing cuts through people’s nervousness over looking at lingerie in a group than having a few drinks and a lot of laughs.

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