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Stockings and Garter Belts

Stockings and garter belts might have once had a reputation as itchy, uncomfortable things worn by women of the past, but that misconception is thankfully starting to fade. In fact, many modern women find that stockings are one of the most versatile parts of their lingerie collection. There are so many uses for them and so many different ways to put them together that there’s no real “one look” that defines stockings and garter belts. Rather, your imagination is the only limit.


Worn in the right way, stockings can come across as supremely elegant. Imagine combining a pair of sleek, sheer black stockings with that “little black dress” that forms the cornerstone of every elegant woman’s wardrobe – few looks attest to the wearer’s sophistication more than this.

What’s fun about the elegant look is that you’re cultivating the image of someone who is aloof and sophisticated, but in reality, you know that you’re turning heads and loving every minute of it. The sense of tension that this creates is undeniable and for many, quite attractive. Just think – all it takes is a pair of elegant stockings and you can make any party or night out on the town a memorable experience.


For years, white stockings have been a sign of innocence and purity – just think of how often they turn up in the designs of school uniforms and are coupled with bridal gowns! Obviously, women looking to spice up their life can have a lot of fun with this playful contradiction. Being so “dressed up” sends a message that’s sexy but at the same time lets them know they’re going to have to work for it.

The fun part is that you can do this just about anywhere. If you enjoy role-playing, consider the way that stockings play a big part in the look of some iconic costumes: the buttoned-up mysterious allure of the French maid, or the innocent façade of the schoolgirl.

Even if you’re just out on the town, you can put the stocking look to work. Paired with the right dress, your clothes suggest your innocence, but your eyes send a different message. Everyone who sees you will wonder where the truth really lies, and will do just about anything to find out.


Of course, no matter how many times they’re “reinvented”, the stocking will always have its place in a classical look. When coupled with a beautiful gown or worn as part of a bridal ensemble, stockings can seal one’s image as classy and sophisticated. In fact, it’s often the case that a nice pair of stockings can elevate an otherwise tired dress into a completed, well planned outfit.


Tradition isn’t the only reason to wear stockings, though. Today’s stockings come in a wide variety of sporty and playful designs - from colorful stripes and patterns to the ever popular fishnet. Young girls often pair these items with miniskirts or shorts to put a thoroughly modern spin on a classic look.

The bottom line is, no matter what your personality or what look you prefer, whether you’re having fun at home with that special someone or spending a night out on the town with friends, a great pair of stockings can lend some flash to any wardrobe, and look great doing so.

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