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Buying Lingerie

Lingerie shopping can be as difficult or easy as you make it and it all comes down to being prepared. Read our article on choosing lingerie for more information and tips on how to find the right style for your body type.

The main point to stress about buying lingerie whether it is for you or your girlfriend or wife is to take the time to buy it. Don’t rush through it but browse instead. Read through lingerie catalogues, look through websites or spend time searching through stores. When you finally decide on a few items, give yourself enough time to try them on with ease, unless you aren’t buying for yourself.

Next, listen to the sales representative. Ask questions, talk about size, style, color and problems areas that you want to cover up. Don’t feel embarrassed since this is part of their job and they know how to answer your questions. They know the discrepancies between designers and fabrics and will find something that looks great on you.

Shop at the specialty stores for the expertise and selection since some department stores may not carry your size in the style you like; a specialty store is more likely to have what you like and you won’t have to settle for anything less.

Lastly, know what you will be using your lingerie for. Will it be for everyday use or for a romantic evening? Obviously, your choice in lingerie will differ depending on what it is used for and knowing before you head out to the store will help you decide whether you need something practical or something mouth wateringly impractical.

For the Guys:

Don’t worry boys, I haven’t forgotten you. Besides time, there are only two other things to consider when you purchase lingerie; your significant other and money.

First, let’s cut to the chase and focus on her shall we. One of the greatest mistakes that men make when they purchase lingerie is that they find something that they would like to see on her. No thought is given to how she will feel in it and usually, men are way off when it comes to lingerie.

Instead of either grabbing the first thing you see or the first thing you want to see pooled on the floor beside the bed, purchase something that she will feel great in. You can figure this out by looking in her closet to see what she already has and if there is anything similar with the color, shape and style. The main point is that she needs to feel comfortable and if she doesn’t then the chances of her showcasing the outfit quickly diminish to the “never in a million years” area.

One other point to make about feeling comfortable is to find something that fits. Do a little recognisance and check the sizes of her lingerie already in her dresser. Don’t pick ones from the back of the drawer since they may be older but the ones that see the front of the drawer are more likely to be her current size.

The second point I made was money, don’t scrimp on the outfit. Buy her something that is high quality and expensive; something that she has wanted but didn’t feel comfortable buying it for herself. Trust me, all women have that price plateau but some of you may have to go a little higher than others – or a lot higher.

And lastly, if you are at a complete loss as to what will look good on your significant other, read our article Choosing Lingerie or visit Knicker Picker. This great site features an interactive dressing room where a woman – and you can find one in the same size as your girlfriend or spouse – models the lingerie to give you an idea of how it look. You can have her try on different items, have her turn around and even move forward so you can get a full understanding on how the lingerie hangs.

One word of caution, however; this is not a site to browse at work.

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