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How to Wear a Mini Skirt

Mini skirts are fun to wear, while also being sexy and cool. You might feel a sense of adventure, daring-ness and even a touch of naughtiness while wearing these very in-style short skirts. While they have been around since the 60’s, they are still the staple of our party wardrobes and summer holidays. Even today, though, so many women get it so terribly wrong!

There are few things to keep in mind here, in order to pull it off. First, take a look in the mirror and take a close look at those legs. Do you have them or don’t you? You may have a great body, but if you don’t have the legs for a mini, then just skip it. It’s not worth it. If you have larger legs or just a bit too far on the chunky side, then they will only look bigger and they will make the rest of you look bigger. Similarly, if you have very, very thin legs, watch out, you could look overly skeletal. If you really don’t have the legs, but you are determined to have a go at it, then buy some tights.

Ok, so next is your backside. Is it on the bigger side? If so, skip the pleated skirts and go for the slimmer and lighter feeling skirts that will hug your curves properly and perhaps a bit tight at the backside. If you’re a bit smaller back there, then you can do just about any skirt, pleated or not. Something tight will help create an illusion of having more curve.

What about the length? Well, a mini skirt is meant to be mini, so be brave, but at the same time, if you’re wearing a micro mini skirt, please do not embarrass yourself. Your panties should not be visible while just standing there. Try bending over in front of a mirror or friend that will be honest with you before going out. You can show a little when bending over, but not if you’ll be bending over a lot! If you will, then maybe wear some cute boyshorts or tanga instead.

Now, we have to complete the outfit. If it’s daytime, you’ll want to stay away from anything metallic so you don’t blind anyone when the sun is out and the metallic look in the daytime can be a bit trashy looking, if you ask me. I’m going to guess that if you’re wearing a mini, it’s because you want to highlight your legs, so this means not highlighting anything else, so no low necklines and backless tops. Keep it simple and fun, but keep the focus on your legs. You could pair the outfit with a nice pair of flats or sexy boots. You could also get away with wearing stilettos if you’re heading to the club, just be sure the entire outfit cannot be mistaken for trashy. We found a great article on how to select the perfect shoes to wear with your mini, we hope you enjoy it.

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