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Halloween Costumes are NOT for Everyone!

Why do we insist on dressing up our babies and our pets, which in some cases are one in the same, in Halloween Costumes? Let’s start with our newborn infants. It’s not like our baby can say, yes, I love this outfit or no, this one doesn’t show off my best attributes, or this one is comfy, or this one is not so much. They really have no say in what we put on them, they are completely at our mercy. We take pictures of them only to use the pictures as blackmail later in life. The family gathers just before all the big moments in life – 6th grade graduation, High School Graduation, the Prom, your 18th birthday, your wedding day, etc – and brings out all the pictures of you of when you were younger. Inevitably, there are a host of pictures of you all dressed up in costume with a sour look on your face.

I love it when the parents go out of their way to make a baby look hideous. They are not hiding their future blackmail plans, no, they are the up front and honest types. Then there are the parents who pick out the cutest, cuddliest looking costumes. These parents have good intentions, in that they are making their baby feel comfortable in an otherwise uncomfortable situation. But what happens to these parents after that day has come and gone. They continue to use the costume for everyday wear. It is these later photos that are on display at the before-mentioned family gatherings. “Look how cute Hester was in this cuddly bear costume at Auntie Fran’s funeral. He always loved that costume.” Hester didn’t like or love the costume, he was a BABY! He had no choice! Get real.

Having said that, baby costumes and costumes for infants are as cute as they come. You don’t find teenage or adult costumes that are as adorable and comfortable. I personally feel that the costume makers should have a line of these costumes for adults – they would be a huge hit!

Ok, the dogs. Do people really think that dogs “like” wearing costumes? In Santa Barbara, CA, there is a Big Dog Parade every year. Dogs are dressed up and brought together with hundreds of other dogs to march down State Street. How humiliated are these dogs? I’d say, very. They probably love all the attention they get, but I’m thinking the costumes are another story altogether. I admit, I dressed up my dogs before for this parade. One of them seemed to care less and the other seemed a bit horrified. I would bet, though, that neither of them enjoyed the costume part of the whole event. Both loved the treats and attention they received from being so cute and adorable and irresistible.

This is a once a year event and perhaps should get a pass here. But I do question those dog owners who dress their dogs up in dog costumes on a daily basis. Who’s idea is that? I can tell you, it is NOT the dog’s idea. Dogs are pack animals and by nature they run in packs and it’s survival of the fittest. Do you think that dog all dressed up in a frog prince costume is going to win top dog of the pack? I think not. Be kind to your dog and if it’s you that really wants to dress up, then do it, but don’t make your dog dress up just because you’re afraid to. Remember, just because you like to dress up, doesn’t mean your dog does! It’s perfectly ok for you to put on that superhero costume and walk down the street with your best friend any day of the week – all the pup needs is a leash and collar.

About the author:
Shauna Milton is the owner of Scavenge Inc, a costume superstore that has been providing a wide selection of inexpensive halloween costumes, Hippie Halloween costumes, Costume Store and childrens Halloween costumes since 1998.

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