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Top 10 Sexy Men’s Halloween Costumes

Every Halloween, we see loads of top 10 lists from internet sites like Some sites poll the visitors of the sites, some sites post results based on actual sales. It is the latter that I feel is more accurate. I mean, if you spend the money to buy the costume, then that is a real vote. Sure, you can say you think (and therefore cast a vote) a costume is hot, but if you’re not willing to buy it and wear it, what kind of vote is that? A fantasy vote? We don’t play that game here. We tell you where the dollars are spent, what real people are buying, and what real people are wearing , not what they wish they could be wearing. We are not a seasonal store, so we focus on the costume industry 365 days a year! Some of the other sites, just give fantasy votes covering a 2 month period. Not so interesting, if you ask me.

Given that, here is the Top 10 list of Sexy Men’s costumes purchased.

10. Sexy Indian Lingerie Costume – what does this tell you? When the 10th most popular Sexy Men’s Costume is a naughty native lingerie costume consisting of a faux suede loin cloth and attached g-string? Ok, yes, it comes with a bit fabric for the armband, but there is no way this costume was worn in public on that many occasions by that many men. So, I guess with the financial crunch, many people stayed home and had a great time doing so this year!

9. Men’s Everlast Boxer Costume – all I can say on this one is, if those who bought it didn’t have the body to pull it off – how stupid are you? You only buy costumes like these knowing that you have the right physique to pull off the whole look.

8. Sexy Warrior Man Costume – This is a fantastic value and high quality costume. Love the sword that comes with it! The costume includes the brown robe, skirt, arm cuff, and sword.

7. Football Player Costume – this is one of those costumes, that makes this list year after year. It dropped a ranking from 2007, but still makes the top 10. The Football Player Costume includes the jersey, pants and shoulder pads. When you sell these over the internet, you really don’t know the ultimate customer and who is going to wear it. I will say that this costume was very popular in our retail store this year amongst the women. Yes, women preferred this costume over the one made by the same manufacturer for women. Interesting…

6. Sexy Butler – This one also tops the list each year. It is probably one of the most consistent sellers month after month. It does peak in October, but let me tell you, this is one we have a tough time keeping in stock. It includes the lycra vest with tails, lycra/velvet pants, gloves and a towel. This is one HOT costume!

5. Let’s Play Doctor – I am almost positive this costume spent more time in the bedroom than any other one on the list. This Playing Doctor Costume includes the blue shorts with matching surgeon’s mask, cap, stethoscope and rubber gloves.

4. Zoot Suit Gangster Costume – I’m thinking the guys that wear this have a great face, because it really doesn’t show off any other part of your body. So a safe bet, if you’re not all that sexy. The Gangster Costume includes the pin striped jacket, pants, shirt, belt, chain and tie.

3. Sailor Costume – Shockingly, this costume is not at the number one spot this year! It has held the number one spot for the past 2 years and I really thought it would end up there again. This is the sexiest sailor costume available and it includes an almost see-through lycra shirt, neck tie, pants and sailor gob hat. This one is sure to make heads turn.

2. Beer Guy Costume – Not a surprise here, this Lederhosen-like costume is always in the top 3. I think it sits here because it’s so comfortable and yet, still sexy. Comes with the lycra shirt with button detail, velvet shorts with attached suspenders and socks! It’s not complete without the socks!

TOP Sexy Men’s Costume Hottie Scottie Costume – Yes, we are finally here. We certainly knew this would make the top 10 list, but when it topped the list, we were floored. It’s a hot costume that includes the plaid pleated kilt with attached sash, matching hat with bag and 2 garters with matching plaid ties. If you were not able to buy this last year, think about picking it up early this year, so you don’t miss out.

There you have it, the Top 10 Sexy Men’s Costumes. This was based on REAL SALES, not from lame polls where visitors were dreaming of what they might buy if they had a better body or more money. Your dollars have spoken and this is precisely what you purchased last year! So forget the other top 10 lists, they are fake!

About the author:
Shauna Milton is the owner of Scavenge Inc, a costume superstore that keeps all the top Halloween Costumes in stock just for you. From couples halloween costumes, disco dance costumes and military halloween costumes, to couples halloween costumes they've got it all.

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