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The Best and Worst Superhero Costumes

So you want to be a Super Hero – everyone has probably had that same desire starting from your early childhood. You know you did it when you were a kid - you dreamed of it, imagined it, and dressed the part. You had your superhero fantasies, everyone did – whether they admit it or not! We tied that towel or sheet around our necks and wore our undies over our pajama bottoms pretending to have super powers and be the ultimate superhero.

Now you are all grown up, but you know you still have that kid inside. And that's a good thing. Halloween, theme parties, special events are a great excuse to let that inner kid out, and that inner superhero. Slip into one of our superhero costumes and take a break from your mild-mannered self for awhile. No-one will even know it’s you – it’ll be our secret.

There's just something about form-fitting spandex, a flowing cape, maybe a mask to keep your identity a secret, and, of course, those totally cool, superhero boots to make you feel invincible and ready to save the world from evil. We have your classic superheroes like Superman, Batman, Spiderman and Wonder Woman - your comic book and Saturday morning favorites.

Running a costume shop, we see all sorts of superhero’s entering our store. They enter as ordinary people and leave transformed a superhero. Some are here only to purchase superhero accessories, like a mask, superhero boots, gloves and the like – these people are creating their own unique superhero identity and we think that is very cool!

Many, though come through the doors lacking the creativity and imagination to design their own identity. That is complete cool too, since we carry so many different superhero costumes.

The best Sexy Superhero Costume for women in 2009 was the Sexy Robin Costume that Rubies Costume came out with. This was simply an amazing costume. The fit was right, the material was right, the look was right. Everyone loved this costume – it is sexy and not skanky, comfortable and still irresistible. Sexy Robin was such a hit that I believe it will be on top of the list for 2010 as well. We get emails and requests for this costume about every other day.

Now that we’ve revealed the top Sexy Superhero Costume for 2010, we have to be honest and tell you the WORST Sexy Superhero Costume. Once again, Rubies came out with it and while we thought it would be great, it simply wasn’t. The fit was all wrong, the material was wrong and the look was very unflattering. Yes, you guessed it, it was Wonder Woman by Rubies. She looks great on the package, but after seeing this costume on women that this costume should have looked super sexy on – we were sorely disappointed. I will also say, that the velvety material just came apart at the seams – and no, it is not because the customers were trying on the wrong size – it was just very poorly made. We went through dozens of these costumes, hoping it was just a manufacturing defect, but the whole lot of them were poorly made. Perhaps a different material would have helped, but skirt was also unflattering, so not really sure what they could have done to improve it.

Don’t be discouraged though. There are a whole host of great superhero costumes available today. You may not want the best or the worst – since so many people will be in the best costume and the worst is so unflattering. Take a look at all the costumes in between and you’ll do just fine. Or, if you have the creativity and imagination, create your own. Once you’ve got your superhero costume, it will be time to throw your first superhero costume. Check our latest blog on Superhero Halloween Costumes!

About the author:
Shauna Milton is the owner of Scavenge Inc, a costume superstore that has been providing a wide selection of bedroom halloween costumes, 70's Halloween costumes, Halloween Costumes and adult Halloween costumes since 1998.

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