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Decades Theme Party Ideas

Everyone loves a decades costume party. Whether it be a Fifties, Sixties, Seventies or Eighties party, if done right, your guests will have a very memorable time. There are several things to keep in mind when considering whether or not to throw a decades party. But we’re going to skip right over that and just assume you’ve decided to throw one. I mean, having a costume party means more fun and entertainment for your guests, more interaction is likely between complete strangers, the pictures are fantastic and the memories are priceless.

You will definitely want to make sure everyone arrives in a costume that matches the theme of the party. To do this, make sure your invitation does a good job of describing the theme and that costumes are NOT optional. The invitation should also include a list of costume suggestions and even places that you’d recommend to get the costumes. Do a bit of research up front and make sure you give them websites with plenty of selections and where the prices are most reasonable. If it’s too difficult for your guests to find their costumes, they just won’t come. So, do a bit of research for your guests and get them started in the right direction from the moment they open the invitation. I’ve also found that by mentioning in the invitation, that while a costume is NOT optional, a simple costume wig and costume glasses would suffice as a costume. Not everyone will want to buy a complete costume.

When throwing a decades party, you will want to pick A decade (unless it’s the 60’s and 70’s, then a mix is ok). The 50s should bring back memories of Grease and Marilyn Monroe. Couples can come as Greasers and Pink Ladies. I’d bet Elvis would make an appearance, as would Betty Paige. You might even consider throwing a Fifties Costume Party in a Roller Rink or 50s Diner that serves burgers, milk shakes and French fries.

60s theme parties are often teamed with the 70s as there is so much overlap in styles. When you think 60s you probably immediately think psychedelic colors, peace symbols and flower power. You can hang beaded curtains in doorways and have bean bags for relaxing and hanging out. Don’t forget the incense to help create the atmosphere. The 60s were THE era of vegetarians, so serving raw veggies with dips and carrot cake – which can be decorated with smiley faces or peace symbols. Music can include the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Sonny & Cher, Beach Boys to name a few. Hippie costumes are a huge hit for 60s Costume Parties.

Moving from the swinging 60s to the sensational 70s. Music had a huge influence on this time period. Remember Queen – they were responsible for introducing Glam Rock, while the Sex Pistols introduced punk to the young. And then there was John Travolta. Disco became very popular, so don’t forget your big Disco Ball! You can dress in any costume from Saturday Night Fever outfits to a 70s pimp costume. While pimps are not strictly a 70s phenomenon, they are a very popular 70s costume for men and women alike. There are so many fun pimp accessories, you can become a pimp on a very limited budget.

Moving on to the 80s costumes. The key to achieving the perfect eighties look, is excess. So, no matter what costume you decide on, do not hold back. Let go of your sensibilities as they did in the 80s and really go for it. Add an extra layer of blush, or bright eyeliner – use another spray of Aqua Net and pile on the bracelets. Moderation was a thing of the previous decades – there is no place for it in the 80s. The 80s look is all about color, abundance and volume. Whatever costume you choose, do it BIG. From spiked bracelets to sprayed wigs, we have it all.

Hope this brief guide has helped you with your plans to throw a Decades Costume Theme Party. Have fun, be creative and use your imagination.

About the author:
Shauna Milton is the owner of Scavenge Inc, a costume superstore that has been providing a wide selection of pirate costume party, periodic table costume ideas, Couples Halloween Costumes and adult halloween costumes since 1998. Elvis Presely Costume

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