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Mafia and Gangster Costumes

Everyone loves a great 1920’s classic mafia and gangster movie. You watch the old Godfather movies and dream of what that kind of live would have meant for you. Nowadays, though, you can still dress the part and throw costume theme party for that era. Your invitees will dress up in flapper costumes, sexy mafia costumes, and serious gangster characters. There are so many choices of costumes these days because gangsters and mafia never go out of style.

For the females, you first need to decide if you’ll be a flapper or gangster type. For the flapper, you will want a short fringed or sequined dress, some long pearls to drape around your neck or a feather boa, a feather headpiece, a long cigarette holder, garters with stockings and a pair of sexy shoes to top off the outfit. If you don’t have the right length hair, or just want to dress it up a bit more, go for a flapper wig and if your skin color will allow you to get away with a natural red wig, go that route!

Now, if you don’t want to run all over town looking for all the pieces, you can shop at the complete costume authority where they are experts in this sort of thing. For example, if you already have a perfect dress, then they will assist you in selecting all the right costume accessories, but if you do just want to get the whole costume in one spot, they have that too. There is a beautifully sequined black flapper costume that comes with just about all that you will need. There is also a Frisky Flapper costume for the more adventurous and Fashion Flapper dresses for the more traditional look. All great selections to help you get ready for Halloween or a Costume Party.

The women of that time were also gangsters and mafia types, not just the men. There are sexy gangster costumes that show a bit more of the midsection and longer pant suit type gangster costumes that are a nice pink pinstripe. You’ll have plenty to choose from, if it’s your legs you want to show off, then there are short dresses and mini skirt mafia costumes available as well. You will not want to forget the great mafia shoes that really make the costume and if your outfit doesn’t already include a fedora, might as well add that to your shopping cart!

The men are easy. You can buy a gangster costume or perhaps you have a pinstripe costume in your closet. If you already have an outfit, just add the fedora hat and men’s gangster shoes and you are ready to head out the door. As a couple, you can always consider going as Bonnie and Clyde!

Whatever you decide, really dress it up and go all out. There is nothing fun about a half-assed costume. The real fun comes in getting it right all the way down to the last detail. If you are still lacking in ideas, have a look at these great selections of Flapper Costumes and Mafia and Gangster Costumes.

About the author:
Shauna Milton is the owner of Scavenge Inc, a costume superstore that has been providing a wide selection of nurse halloween costumes, Gangster Halloween costumes, Mardi Gras Masks and childrens Halloween costumes since 1998.

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