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Alice in Wonderland Costume Party

Throwing an Alice in Wonderland Costume Party is a great idea for any time of year, not just at Halloween. Planned and executed correctly, this could lead to the best bash you’ve ever experienced. There are so many things to think about, so follow these suggestions and you’ll be well on your way to throwing the best Alice in Wonderland costume party ever.

Depending on the time of year and where you live, this is a great party have outdoors. An adult Alice in Wonderland costume party should be held at night in an outdoor garden-like location and decorated with various colored string lights to set the scene of the dark and weird side of Wonderland. Once you’ve selected the location, you are ready to send out the Alice in Wonderland themed invitations at least a month in advance. Don’t forget to include suggestions in the invitation to help your guests remember all the characters of Alice in Wonderland and where they might go to purchase their costumes.

Decorating your location can be very fun – be creative. Make large and over-sized playing cards and hearts. Don’t forget the hookah-smoking caterpillar on the mushroom and add to the setting by using a fog machine to really set the scene. Music is also very important, you can always use the soundtrack and you wouldn’t go wrong there. Have a few games in mind as well, even adults like a good “pin the tail on the White Rabbit” game – or change it up and make it a drinking game! All the foods should match your theme as well – so have some fun and if you’re not creative enough, hire a caterer.

Ok, the scene is set and now we need some costumes. With so many characters to choose from, let’s take a look at a few. Remember this? “Off with her head!” Yes, you could be the Queen of Hearts, the most feared woman in the kingdom. She can be so sweet and a gentle ruler and then turn on a dime – sound like your own personality? Maybe the queen is the perfect costume for you! Looking to be a sexy queen, no problem, select the Leg Avenue Sexy Queen of Hearts costume. Looking for a darker look? This Dark Queen of Hearts Costume is perfect.

There is always the wildly grinning talking Cheshire Cat. This might be one of the easier costumes to create. Grab the purple cat tail and purple cat ears, some purple striped stockings and a purple camisole or something along those lines. Add a bit of face paint for whiskers and you’re set. Or what about Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. This a great couples costume idea as well. Head on over to your local thrift store and find some red pants for Tweedle Dee and blue pants for Tweedle Dum and yellow shirts with red and blue ties. Then throw on a multi-colored propeller beanie cap and you’re set!

Now there are several options for Alice. She wore a stylish blue dress with pretty white pinafore. There are several sexy versions of Alice’s attire suitable for all adults. Many costumes come with the stockings, but you will want to add the mary janes to accessorize your outfit. Really do it right and add a long blonde wig and the black bow headband. If you’re daring, go for the dark side and goth-themed version of Alice. Malice in Wonderland is a red and black costume that will be perfect for the occasion. Either way, you will want to flare your dress with a black crinoline or white petticoat, depending on whether you want to go the whole nine yards.

Don’t forget the Mad Hatter. As one of the most perplexing characters, the Mad Hatter passes time reciting riddles not even he himself cannot answer while drinking tea from broken chinaware. Portray the Mad Hatter and all his insane glory at your next Alice in Wonderland costume party. A trip to the thrift store for the guys along with this crazy Mad Hatter hat would be great. Or jazz it up and go as a sexy Mad Hatter. Whatever you choose, make it wild and insane. The Mad Hatter would have it no other way.

Remember the March Hare and the small rodent that the Mad Hatter would roll with? These are great characters as are the flowers! As a flower, you might need some colorful tights, a bright wig, a fun colored petticoat and colorful headpiece.

Here are a few more characters you may not have thought of... Remember the Jabberwock? This was a scary character from a poem, so you might want to wear a wonderfully elaborate spangled winged costume. Bill, the lizard, who is employed by the White Rabbit. He has to go down the chimney to get Alice out. Later he is a member of the jury during the trial. Five, Seven and Two are playing cards and the Queen’s gardeners. Remember, they painted the roses red because they planted white ones by mistake. And don't forget the Flamingos and hedgehogs which are used as mallets and balls during the game of croquet. As you can see, the possibilities here are endless. Alice in Wonderland costumes are going to be wildly popular by 2010! Why? Because Tim Burton is rumored to be filming the movie now and is set for release in 2010. By Halloween 2010, these costumes will brought back to life and selling out fast!

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