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Periodic Table Costume Party

Here’s a crazy and unusual costume party idea. A periodic table costume party. This theme is not just for geeks – everyone can join in and have a great time! Before sending out the invitations, think of your guests. Will they have a clue or know any of the elements? If you think not, why not include a cheat sheet for them of the periodic table. I know I would need it! Here are a few costume ideas for you and your guests.


  1. Gold (Au) – This just might be one of the easiest costumes to put together – probably why it comes first. For the women, how about a gold lame clubwear set, gold chains, gold body paint, gold hair spray, gold eyelashes and gold boots. For the guys, you can use any of the gold accessories already mentioned and some gold grillz and gold disco shoes! Head to the thrift store from some gold shoes and how about this gold disco shirt!
  2. Silver (Ag) – Along the same lines as gold, you can use silver booty shorts or this silver clubwear mini dress, silver eyelashes, silver hair spray, silver body paints and silver boots. There are even silver grillz!
  3. Helium (He) – How about going as a big balloon or some sort of blimp?
  4. Tin (Sn) – Sexy Tin Girl or the Tin Man comes to mind.
  5. Aluminum (Al) – Have some extra aluminum foil laying around the house. Wrap yourself up in some and add some silver boots and you’re set!
  6. Potassium (K) – A banana costume would be perfect here.
  7. Calcium (Ca) – Ah, so many options, you could go as a cow or in a skeleton costume!
  8. Mercury (Hg) – Well, thinking fish here –so maybe as a Mermaid? Another alternative here is to go as a planet or being from another planet with bee bopper head pieces and some face paints. I’m sure beings from another planet would wear feather boas!
  9. Lead (Pb) – Heavy metal comes to mind here. Throw on a rocker wig, ripped fishnet top and some tight jeans.
  10. Zirconium (Zr) – Ah, a big fake diamond! Might be a little tough to make, but it can be done.
  11. Nickel (Ni) – George Washington of course, with this awesome Duke Wig!
  12. Copper (Co) – If George Washington can be nickel, then Lincoln is definitely representative of Copper! How hard could it be to round up a black suit, top hat and facial hair?
  13. Arsenic (As) – Anything or anyone dead. A mummy perhaps or some other dead character from any film, like Arsenic and Old Lace.
  14. Einsteinum (Es) – Einstein, of course! Don’t forget the wig or use some hair spray and gel and spike your own hair
  15. Plutonium (Pu) – Remember the movie, Back to the Future – ok, so the professor in that movie would be great here.
  16. Barium (Ba) – I’d have to say a doctor of sorts – How about Dr. Ben Dover!
  17. Krypton (Kr) – Kal-El or go as Superman with white face paint and looking and feeling weak all night.

I could go on and on, but you get the idea and seventeen is a good number to stop on, I mean, afterall, aren't we all a little tired of Top 10 lists? So, this is a Top 17 list! Be creative and use your imagination. This is just a start to get the ideas flowing. Now go out and impress your friends and throw a Periodic Table Costume Party!

About the author:
Shauna Milton is the owner of Scavenge Inc, a costume superstore that has been providing a wide selection of disco halloween costumes, Alice in Wonderland costume ideas, 70's Halloween Costumes and adult halloween costumes since 1998. Dead Costume or Light Costume.

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