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Bumble Bee Costumes

Can someone please tell me why Bumble Bee Costumes are so popular? Year after year, hundreds and thousands of people shop online for the ever popular bee costume. What is it about bees? Are they cute and adorable? Last I remember, bees are more like pests, than pets. They sting, right? That’s a little evil if you ask me. So, why the obsession on bee costumes every year? There is an equally great demand for Lady Bug Costumes, but this is completely understandable. Ladybugs are not mean, they are cute little red bugs with black polka-dots.

Let’s just assume, for whatever reason, you want to be a bumble bee or maybe it’s that you are attending an upcoming Bee Costume Party. The good news is that you have choices. Lots of them. Every costume maker has at least one Bumble Bee Costume. Most of the bee costumes are quite sexy and surprisingly, very comfortable.

Roma Costumes has made a very high quality bee costume. This costume has a great fit, is true to size and includes the yellow and black striped mini dress with a built-in petticoat. It also includes the wings with ribbon tied bells. To complete this costume, you only need a pair of black knee highs and some black Mary Janes!

Another great option is the Bee Costume by Roma. This costume includes the stretch spandex black and yellow dress and the wings. A very simple, yet sexy look. I would recommend the petticoat here as it is not built in and what is a bee without a petticoat?

Leg Avenue Costumes now has at least four different varieties of Bee Costumes. The original Honey Bee Costume is still quite popular and attractive. It has a simple design, is very fun and will be sure to grab much attention.

Next in popularity from Leg Avenue are theQueen Bee Costume and the Queen Bumble Bee Costume. Both of these costumes include the very popular and fun fuzzy leg warmers. The only real difference is the dress cut on these two. Both, however, are very appealing options for the Bee enthusiast!

If you are looking to really show some skin, then Sexy by Leg Avenue has offered their sexiest selection,Daisy Bee Costume. This is definitely a great value for the money. The bee costume includes the glitter headband, beautiful bee wings, a yellow and black triangle top with a nice daisy patch, the gartered petticoat including the daisy, AND the black and yellow thigh high stockings!

With any and all of the above Bumble Bee Costumes, you might want to consider the added touches which could include the Honey Pot Purse, the elbow length black gloves, Mary Jane shoes or Bumble Bee shoes! A long blonde wig is also a great idea to complete your bumble bee ensemble!

About the author:
Shauna Milton is the owner of Scavenge Inc, a costume superstore that has been providing a wide selection of halloween costumes for adults, disco costumes, costume wigs and childrens halloween costumes since 1998.

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