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Afro Wigs as your Costume Centerpiece

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Sometimes it is easier to figure out what costume to wear AFTER you have picked out the wig you've been dying to get your hands on and wear. One of the most versatile costume wigs available is the always popular afro wig.

With an afro wig, the possibilities for costumes are endless. From an Austin Powers theme party - recall the great mixed blonde afro on Foxxy, to a 70s Disco party, to a Clown Costume Party! Even Napolean Dynamite had a afro!

From the funky seventies you can bring on the crazy disco era with wild afros. You can throw on an oversized black afro and a polyester seventies suit and turn to the dance floor. Don't forget the chest hair and side burns to complete this costume. Get down and get groovy in these fun Disco Wigs.

Pimp characters are also a great fit with your cool afro wig. Grab a mac daddy suit and pimp it out with gold chains and dollar rings and a pimp daddy hat. The afro is what really makes this work.

Everybody remembers the Brady Bunch. Remember when Jan (who as you might recall has long straight blonde hair) wears a huge black afro to get attention? She forgot to pin up her real hair under it though, making it very comical.

From the movie High School Musical, Corbin Bleu’s afro arguably did more acting than he did. Even from the show Southpark, Kyle Broflovski has a red Jewfro which he prefers to keep hidden under his hat and only reveals under two conditions - namely 1) under duress or 2) if it has been styled beyond recognition. And don’t forget Stu from The Simpsons!

From films to Anime to video games and beyond, there are so many examples of great costumes that are built around characters with an Afro Wig. So, grab your fro and go from there to figure out what you will be at your next costume party.

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