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Halloween Costumes - Classic and Traditional

What do you think of when you think Halloween Costumes? Traditionally or classically speaking, many people immediately spurt out Witches, Devils, Vampires, and Skeletons. These classic Halloween Costumes are great for kids and parents and college-aged humans and everyone in between and beyond. If you’re ever stuck for an idea on what to be on Halloween, you really cannot go wrong with one of these. And, these days, you might actually be the most unique person at the party!

There are a few really hot witch costumes available today from Leg Avenue. We’ve looked at all the sexy witch costumes available and have helped you out by narrowing it down to the top three. Pumpkin Witch tops the list as being not only a cute and sexy costume, but also just a downright comfy one! This witch outfit includes the whole deal – the black witches hat, a fantastic black with orange featured off-the-shoulder dress, and to complete the outfit, the orange and black striped stockings. Many like to dress it up a bit more with some fairy tale heels and a witches broom, but that is completely up to you.

Next on the list for a great witch costume is the Kandy Korn Witch Costume – again from Leg Avenue. Are you seeing a pattern here? Yes, Leg Avenue does create some of the best quality sexy costumes on the market today. Again, this costume is the complete costume right out of the package, with the felt hat, peasant top and gartered dress and the adorable orange and white striped stockings. Again, this is very comfortable and sexy, while not being slutty.

Finally, we have the Mystical Witch Costume. This one definitely will show more skin, so make sure you’ve got what it takes to roll with this one. I’d hate to see a bunch of flab hanging out – if it hangs, this costume is NOT for you! No joke.

There are great devil costumes for men and women, but perhaps my favorite men’s devil costume is the Handsome Devil Costume. This Sexy Devil Costume comes with the hot red jacket with tail, the white shirt and bow tie and to top it off, it also includes the red devil horns. All you really need here is a pair of black pants – and what guy doesn’t have a pair of these laying around – and some black shoes. You’ve got the look and you’re all set.

My favorite skeleton costume of all time is the EVA skeleton made by Rubies. We’ve sold the silk screened skeletons for years, but they just don’t compare to this EVA one. See, the EVA bones stick out from the costume. It’s awesome and really does well in the dark. Male or female, this costume is a nice alternative.

I’m pretty sure, that this next and last costume was a hit around the globe last year. Love Bite Vampire was the most sought after vampire costume on the planet! I mean, other retail stores were calling trying to buy this costume from us for double what we sell it for. People were downright desperate. So, if you love the costume, buy it as soon as it is available – otherwise, you’ll just be out of luck this year.

Classic costumes are still very much in demand and in style. From babies on up, these costume styles are sure to please. They are comfortable and fitting for Halloween, making them re-usable year after year as they never, ever go out of style.

About the author:
Shauna Milton is the owner of Scavenge Inc, a costume superstore that has been providing a wide selection of halloween costumes for infants, Hippie Halloween costumes, Discount Halloween Costumes and adult Halloween costumes since 1998.

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