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Fairy Costumes - Are You a Fairy?

Actually being a fairy is not so bad. That is assuming we are talking about fairy costumes for Halloween and other costume theme parties. Fairies are actually great costumes for Summer Solstice Parades, Burning Man and even Hash House Harrier runs! It all depends on you – are you man or woman enough to dress like a fairy?

Ok, let’s take a look at a few different options for fairy costumes. First, you can create your very own unique fairy. Starting at the top, you will want some sort of flowing, ribbony type headpiece. Perhaps green or pink or some sparkly ribbons. You might want to take some of these ribbons – you know the kinds that are about an inch or so wide and are mesh-like in the middle – and tie them around your upper arms. Definitely, you will want a costume petticoat – you can buy a white one and dye it or a nice pink one will do the trick as well! For the wings, you have all sorts of options, but make them big and make them dramatic! If you’re going to dress up, you will want to dress up BIG. Add some wild stockings and golden fairy shoes and you are pretty much set. If you’re a guy anyway… If not, you will want to add either a vinyl bra top or a smart camisole that matches the rest of your ensemble.

Not looking to create your own? Then take a look at these fairy costumes. The Forest Fairy is absolutely stunning. This fairy costume includes a beautiful emerald green dress with ribbon trim and arm pieces. This costume just doesn’t work without the layered petticoat, so if you’re loving this one, splurge and grab the petticoat. The great thing about this costume is that you can have your choice of wings. This will help make it a truly unique costume.

Looking for something a bit more Goth-like? A hugely popular choice is the Gothic Nymph Costume. Again, the wings are separate, so you have some freedom in your final costume design. This costume includes the beautiful black velvet lace up dress. Add some black stockings and the wings of your choice and your costume will be complete.

Who hasn’t at one time or another wanted to be the most famous fairy of them all? Yes, you guessed right, Tinkerbell. There are so many Tinkerbell costumes to choose from, so we’ve narrowed the options to two for you. First, we have the Pretty Fairy Costume by Roma. Wow, is all that can be said of this outfit. This fairy costume includes the wings and a lovely green and pink mini dress with a built-in petticoat. Made of a stretch spandex so fits so well on so many different body types.

The Green Pixie Costume is also a great choice for Tinkerbell. This one is a bit more on the sexy side and includes a green sequin trimmed tube dress. The wings are inflatable, so wear with caution.

Whatever your choice in fairy costumes, remember that every fairy has wings. The fairy wings can be purchased separately and there are loads of options.

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