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70s Disco Party - How to Throw the Ultimate Retro Party

For those of us that are hopelessly stuck in the 70s, throwing a Disco Theme Party is probably second nature. However, there are many people still wondering how to throw the Ultimate Retro Party, so here you find a bunch of tips and ideas that will make your Disco Party a huge success.

Even before you think about invitations, you’ve got to think about where you’ll hold this Retro Event! You’ll need a dance floor big enough for all the guests you intend on inviting. An indoor place with plenty of space for you to set the scene. Grab a mirrored disco ball, some lava lamps, and bean bags to hang out in. Every doorway should have a beaded curtain, especially the entrance to the dance area. If you can swing it, light up your dance floor just like in Saturday Night Fever. For the walls, think of popular movies and hang some movie posters and have candles as well to light the room. You can have a space in the room with black lights and black light posters – then throw out a couch and oversized coffee table with a hookah and it’ll be groovy. You’re going to want the dance floor lit, but the rest of the rooms should be dim. Finally, make sure your location has room for a professional DJ as this will put your party over the top.

Now that you’ve figured out where you’ll hold the party, it’s time for the invitations. I guess you could use Evite these days, or send out some handmade invitations to really set the tone. Make sure you send the invites out at least 6-8 weeks in advance to make sure your guests have ample time to shop for their Disco Costumes without having to pay for express shipping!

Give your guests a list of websites that will inspire their costume selection and design. You don’t want too many John Travolta’s on the dance floor now. But a few Saturday Night Fever costumes wouldn’t be so bad. Platform shoes are also a must here to really look the part. Basically, for the guys, find a leisure suit, some disco shirts, and flare or bell-bottom disco slacks. The gals can wear any number of great disco costumes and go-go girl costumes.

For party favors, you can have disco ball key chains, bright yellow smiley face stickers or to add a bit of a modern touch, go with glow stick bracelets and glow stick necklaces. While these weren’t available back then, they certainly would have been encouraged and welcomed.

If you haven’t been able to nail down a professional DJ, here are some ideas for music. Kool and the Gang, Donna Summer – remember Bad Girls and Hot Stuff? – the Commodores, Cheryl Lynn, Thelma Houston and so many more to choose from! Remember you need to have a decent sound system so your guests can FEEL the beat. It would really suck to have an inadequate sound system to ruin the scene at your party! The music keeps the party alive!

Last, but certainly not least, don’t forget the drinks. Before this, really think through your sober designated drivers and make sure they are available on standby – or line up some cabs. There is no need for senseless tragedies. If you’re serving alcoholic drinks here are a few that will take you back to the 70s. How about Tom Collins, slow gin fizz, Southern Comfort and 7-Up, Tequila Sunrise, Stingers and even Mai Tais. You can find all the drink recipes you need online. As a responsible party thrower, it is your responsibility to make sure everyone gets home safe!

A final parting note… to add a little more FUN to your party, why not give out prizes for the best dressed couple or guest, or best lip syncer, or disco dancer? You can rent a karaoke machine with disco era karaoke cd’s and see if your guests can sing or NOT! Take plenty of photographs and videos and share them on the internet so we can all see what a great Disco Party you have thrown!

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Shauna Milton is the owner of Scavenge Inc, a costume superstore that has been providing a wide selection of 70's halloween costumes, anything but clothes goes costumes, Alice in Wonderland Costumes and adult halloween costumes since 1998.

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