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Inexpensive Halloween Costume Ideas

It seems these days we come across many Halloween Costumes that don’t require spending a lot of money. From Sexy Costumes to Classic Costumes and everything in between, there are inexpensive Halloween Costumes at every turn. Back in the day, everyone I knew had to be a hobo for Halloween because all that meant was opening your parents’ drawers and finding some of their clothes and off you went. Nowadays, inexpensive Halloween Costumes are everywhere.

Let’s take the always popular Pirate Costume. Sure, you can spend over a hundred dollars on a Pirate Costume, but you really don’t have to. Have an old pair of black pants or a skirt that you don’t wear anymore? Tear the edges in a jagged sort of fashion and you’re halfway there. Add a top from your costume box and then all you really need to do is grab a pirate eye patch, a head sash, a sword and you’re done. This costume can be put together for well under twenty dollars. And you’re guaranteed to be unique and unlike any other pirate at the party.

A hugely popular costume that can also be found at a bargain price, is the Chick Magnet Costume. There are a lot of different ways to work this costume. Add a pair of jeans, just like in the picture and voila, you are the chick magnet. Or buy a chicken mask and wear this along with the outfit and it makes it just that much more funny.

Being sports season, the male referee costume is a great bargain. With this costume, you get a black and white striped shirt and whistle. Depending on the sport, you can wear some black pants or shorts and keep the party in line all night long with that whistle. Whether you’re heading to a football, baseball, or soccer party – no matter the sport, you are ready!

Heading back in time to the caveman and cavewoman era, check out the super saver jungle costumes. You can swing from vine to vine – aka party to party – in these cheetah and leopard print costumes. Add a wooden club and some voo-doo bones costume jewelry and your costume will be complete. All of these costume ideas are great bargains at under thirty dollars.

Looking for a completely unique costume at a bargain? One trick is to see what you have already hanging in that closet or stuffed away in a drawer. Then simply go to the Costume Store and complete your costume by selecting the costume accessories that will make an ordinary outfit, stunning. Be creative. Unique costumes are not reserved for those that can sew. As you’ve seen here, there is no sewing involved in creating these very popular and yet unique and extraordinary Bargain Halloween Costumes.

About the author:
Shauna Milton is the owner of Scavenge Inc, a costume superstore that has been providing a wide selection of Mafia and Gangster halloween costumes, Infant Halloween costumes, Lederhosen and Dirndl Halloween Costumes and childrens Halloween costumes since 1998.

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