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Baby Doll Lingerie Sets

Seems like Springtime is a great opportunity to freshen up your lingerie collection. Spring cleaning applies to every aspect of your life. So, why not apply it to your lingerie drawer. Everyone loves a nice baby doll. In fact, it is perhaps the most popular piece of lingerie around. Baby doll lingerie is great for when you’re feeling a bit flirty and just a little bit naughty. The look is loved by men and women alike.

What is a babydoll? Baby doll lingerie is a loose fitting top, often worn to bed, that has a length that is generally to the hips – sometimes a bit higher up near the bellybutton. Since the baby doll is short, it will give you the appearance of having longer legs. This top is often worn with panties or a g-string – in fact many babydolls come with these as a baby doll lingerie set.

Generally, babydolls are made from lighter fabrics such as chiffon, silk or nylon. A baby doll will typically come in a mesh, sheer or see through style. Many of the baby doll lingerie sets are decorated or accented with lace, ruffles, ribbons or even faux fur.

As an example, one style of babydoll is the Light Blue Nymph Chiffon Babydoll. This is made of a beautiful light blue chiffon material with ribbon trim. Also included is a matching chiffon choker and thong. One thing to keep in mind here, is that lingerie comes in many sizes. This is one example of a plus size baby doll lingerie set. There are many more to choose from. So, don’t think for a minute that you have to be a size zero to look and feel sexy in one of these babydoll lingerie sets.

A very seductive looking baby doll is the After Hours Black Baby Doll. This lingerie set includes a stunning black chiffon underwire babydoll with embroidered appliqué cups and a matching black chiffon g-string with embroidered appliqué back detail. This one is sure to entice your partner and make for a romantic evening.

Looking sexy is very appealing, but you also have to be comfortable wearing your lingerie. As you become more adventurous and daring, you can include role-playing in your romantic setting. Wearing sensual lingerie will add excitement to your life. You might like this Red Hot Lycra Lingerie Set to add just that extra element of tease to get things going.

So, while lingerie can make things a bit more romantic, nothing is more of a buzz-kill than buying your partner lingerie that does not fit. If the lingerie you purchase is too small, you might be accused of sending the message that she is fat. Conversely, if you purchase lingerie that is too big, you could also be sending the same message! So, be careful when buying lingerie for her. Check the sizes in her lingerie drawer ahead of time to avoid any blunders. Lingerie is a nice gift if carefully researched and selected!

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