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Cinco de Mayo Costumes

Most people don’t really remember one year to the next what they did on Cinco de Mayo. If you go to a party on Cinco de Drinko and ask the partiers what they are celebrating, I would lay odds that not one of them would be able to give you a guess that came anywhere near the truth. While May 5th really marks the day where the Mexican army defeated a much larger army – this is not their Independence Day, nor is it any sort of real recognized holiday for Mexico.

However, we Americans will latch on to any day that can be celebrated in a drinking fashion. Any reason to take a day off work or to stay out late or to skip school. We celebrate like it is some huge holiday like July 4th or something equally as important. It really isn’t, yes there was a huge battle that day and the Mexican army did accomplish something quite spectacular, but that’s all it was.

These days, Cinco de Mayo means it’s time to party. There are events for all ages throughout the country. People dress in great costumes including serapes, huge sombreros and even throw on fake moustaches. You could always create a Mexican Jumping Bean Costume if you wanted to be truly unique and the talk of the party! Don’t forget your Mariachi Guitar and Maracas to make it a truly musical affair.

For the women, there are plenty of costumes! How about being a Sexy Matador or Seniorita? The Flamenco Dancer costume is always a hit! You can dance the night away in any of these costumes. Add a beautiful long blonde wig and sexy black fishnets and you will wow the crowd.

Decorating for your Cinco de Mayo Party should include piñatas and Latin music. You are never too young or too old to have some fun batting at a candy-filled piñata. Put on your blindfold and take a turn being spun around and laughed at while you try to find the piñata at your Cinco de Mayo party.

There are usually parades and festivals galore at this time of year. If you have never tried Mexican food, you are really missing out. Many Californians cannot survive without it! So, go out and find a burrito or taco or torta and see what all the fuss is about. You might find some pretty authentic Mexican foods at the festivals – at least that is how it is in California.

With so much to do on Cinco de Mayo, don’t be a couch potato. Use this as another great excuse to dress up in costume and play like a child. Have fun, smile and make someone laugh – it will make you feel great!

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