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Lederhosen and Dirndl Costumes

There are places in the world, particularly Austria, where the men dress in lederhosen and women dress in dirndls. You might wonder what the big deal is, but these folks do not just dress up in costume for tourists, no they have the real deal. In fact, those visiting the area, often don the same attire just to fit in with the locals.

The wait time for a lederhosen ordered today, is nearly five years. These lederhosen are made of mountain goats and deer skin and they are hand-stitched. The buttons are made of bone and antler. Incredible to think that this still goes on in 2009, but yes, the lederhosen maker is still alive and well and earning a living. These genuine lederhosen sell for upwards of 6,500 Dollars. Wow!

If you don’t have that kind of time or money laying around, you can always purchase a relatively good looking lederhosen costume for under fifty dollars. You’ll be sporting the brown shorts with suspenders and don’t forget the knee-highs and hat. You may not quite fit the bill to visit this small town in Austria, but you’ll be a smash hit at Halloween or Oktoberfest celebration.

For the women's attire, the dirndl consists of a closefitting bodice combined with an apron in a different color. These became popular in the 19th century. Sometimes its sleeveless and worn with a cotton and lace blouse, sometimes it features sleeves and a high neck. Hats are often costly and elaborate. They vary according to occasion and region: 'Goldhauben' (Upper Austria) and 'Bollenhut' (Black Forest region, Germany) are only worn on festive occasions.

High-quality Dirndl dresses, or Dirndlkleid, are made of silk, good cotton or linen and other expensive materials - a full set alongside with appropriate shoes, blouse, bag and other accessories can easily cost more than 2,500 Dollars. While less expensive than the lederhosen, this still makes it hard on your wallet for less traditional events like Halloween and Costume Theme Parties.

There is so much left to the imagination and creative gene, that just about every costume maker has a new style dirndl that emerges every year. These costumes are much more affordable! But, honestly, the most popular dirndl has been available for years! The Fraulein girl costume is a very cute and sexy green skirt with embroidered trimmings and includes the black vest and white peasant top.

A new dirndl outfit or beer girl costume emerged last year and nearly topped the sales of all beer garden girl costumes. This costume was called Gretchen by Leg Avenue. This is perhaps the cutest and best fitting and comfortable dirndl costume available.

Whatever your occasion, whether it be a costume theme party, Halloween, an Oktoberfest celebration or the Salzburg Festival, somewhere on this planet, you will find the right dirndl or lederhosen outfit. You may have to pay a handsome fee if you’re looking for the real deal, but it just might be worth it!

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