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Adult Animal Costumes

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Whenever you are struggling to find a great costume that you can use for many occasions, you might consider an adult animal costume. Coming up with unique adult costume ideas can be overwhelming undertaking, but the solution is quite simple. Who doesn’t love animals. And there are all sorts of adult animal costumes to contemplate.

You can be funny, serious, playful, sexy and cute in animal costumes. It’s all about you. What are you looking for in your costume? Are you looking to tell others something about your personality? Maybe you want to add some excitement to your love life. Perhaps you are looking to hide your identity. Whatever your purpose, there are several animal costumes to think about.

Hiding your identity is a breeze with any number of animal costumes. Let’s take the gorilla for instance. There is no way anyone will know who you are behind the mask. The chicken costumes, The Big Bad Wolf costume, the Wolf in Grandmas costume, the Easter Bunny costume, Curious George Costume and the PINK Gorilla all do a great job and keep things fun, yet you are hidden. These costumes are a bit on the warm side, so I’d recommend these only for outdoor occasions or perhaps in the cooler months of the year. That is not to say they cannot be worn indoors, I’m just looking out for your comfort on this one as these are temperature hot! You don’t want to have to leave the party early because you’re going to faint of heat exhaustion.

Now if you don’t mind showing your face, but are still looking for a full costume, you might like the Penguin costume. This is a favorite all year long. Have a Wizard of Oz party coming up? Well, then here’s your chance to don your Flying Monkey costume. Most will be thinking of Dorothy or the Tin Man or another more common character, but you’ll be unique as the Flying Monkey. One other highly popular costume in this category is the cow costume. This can surely be used at many events through the year!

Ok, now let’s talk Sexy Adult Animal Costumes. So many choices here. What kind of animal are you? Are you a Sexy Bunny? There are Bunny Gangsta costumes, Bunny Dress Costumes, and Platinum Bunny Costumes. Or what about kittens? Mystery Kitty is a costume that is so bright and vibrant and, of course, sexy! Pretty Kitty is also a great costume alternative. And for the Bettie Page enthusiasts, there is a Bettie Page Cattail Costume!

More sexy adult animal costumes include the beautiful Glittery Mermaid costume by Leg Avenue. This is a stunning dress. There are plenty of bumble bee costumes and lady bug costumes – so many styles of these, as they are the most popular adult animal costumes. Cute, adorable and still very sexy are the blue and pink Teddy Bear costumes. Last, but certainly not least, is the Miss Mouse Costume – very much like Minnie Mouse, but without the high price tag.

Although costumes and dressing up will always be most popular at Halloween, we urge you to change this trend. Dressing up in costume brings out the child in you again. Let’s you play, laugh, smile and enjoy life when all the stresses of your everyday life might be wearing on you. Dressing up is not just for kids, nor is it just for Halloween. There is always an event, a party, a cruise or a holiday that is perfect for dressing up. The adult animal costumes are a great idea for any such occasion.

About the author:
Shauna Milton is the owner of Scavenge Inc, a costume superstore that has been providing a wide selection of halloween costumes for adults, afro wigs, costume wigs and Bumble Bee Costumes since 1998.

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