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How to Throw a Pirate Theme Party

Aarrrr! It always be a fine time for a Piratey Theme Party, matey! Be it fer Talk Like a Pirate Day in September, or any other time of the year, a party that celebrates those scoundrels of the sea is always like findin’ buried treasure. Here are some ideas on how to make your next Pirate Theme Party a blast.

Invitations: Of course, you could always just do something like send out text messages and emails or you could make the extra effort of sending out a pirate e-vite. But if you really want to get your Pirate Bash off to a great start, right from the moment you shove-off, then create a fun invitation.

An invitation that looks like a treasure map with a big red X marking the spot is simple yet fun. You can get a treasure map image online, and just add the address and time of the party.

Buy pirate eye patches, or eye patch and earring sets, and send them off with a simple invitation telling your guests to dress piratey or to at least wear the items you’ve sent.

Decorations: Go simple or go big by choosing from these ideas.

Pin up some pictures of skulls and crossbones, posters from Pirates of the Caribbean, or signs with a variety of pirate-type words and phrases. This last one is a must if you are having a party for Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Put out some pirate chests. If you don’t have anything that will pass for a pirate chest, try making your own by painting some Styrofoam coolers and gluing some plastic jewels onto them. Then fill your chests with fake gold coins or chocolate candies coins, plastic jewelry and other things that might pass for pirate booty. Or make your pirate guests really happy and fill those chests with drinks. Or put some metal buckets out, any size, and fill those with “coins”, chocolate “coins”, gummy worms, snacks, or punch with rubber rats floating it.

Make your place look like a ship or a deserted beach. Try placing some ropes, anchors, buoys, fishing nets, a big captain’s wheel (make one out of cardboard), and a big sail around your place. Make that sail out of a white sheet rubbed in the dirt and slightly burnt on the edges to age it. Or go with sand, fake palm trees, coconuts, fake skulls, shovels, seashells, canon (think “cardboard”) and cannon balls. Don’t forget your pirate flag. Get a black sheet or black fabric and paint white skull and crossbones, or skull and swords and fly it with pride.

Black and white striped tablecloths on the tables topped with cheap pirate hats, bright green parrots, pirate spyglass/telescope, maps, and skulls work great for adding that total pirate touch. Have some jugs or big bottles labeled with “grog”, skull and crossbones, or “XXX.” Make sure they are loaded up with some good stuff to drink.

Food: If you are going all out, serve up turkey or chicken legs, fish or jerk chicken. You can also serve fish n’ chips, fish crackers, and cake with skull and crossbones or a pirate ship on it. Don’t forget the grog (dark rum, a teaspoon of sugar, cloves, lemon juice, a dash of cinnamon and a splash of hot water). Or just go with rum and beer.

Fun: Play your standard adult party games like Quarters but call it Gold Doubloons instead. Play Beer Bomb but call it Cannonballs. For this one you play one on one, each with a cup of beer placed across the room. Try to bounce a ping pong ball once making it land in your opponent’s cup. If you miss, you take one drink from your cup. You make it, your opponent must immediately shoot. If the challenger misses, he must drink his entire cup with the ball in it. If he makes it, the first shooter must down his beer, with the ball in it. You get the idea.

Don’t forget good music and dancing at your Pirate Party as well. Pirates love to sing and dance . . . along with pillage, plunder, and cause general mayhem.

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