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70’s Halloween Costumes- Easy, Groovy Costumes for Halloween

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70’s Halloween costumes are never going to go out of style. These classy, shagadelic costumes have always been a success and are still among the most popular costumes bought today. These costumes include everything from bellbottoms to bell-sleeved shirts, disco outfits, classy dresses, and even leisure suits that are sure to impress anyone with a memory of the 70’s. Choosing the ideal Halloween costume isn’t difficult as long as you know what you’re looking for. Remember that when it comes to era-specific costumes, you have to have the whole look in order to pull it off.

With 70’s Halloween costumes, you need to have the big, puffy, well-manicured hairstyle, the chunky jewelry and gaudy costume pieces, and the clunky shoes that are sure to stand out from the crowd. If you want to look like you came from another decade, you need to make sure that you can pull off the whole look. This is one costume where the accessories definitely make the difference between the lady in the weird outfit and the retro hippie girl, for example. Always be sure that you are buying 70’s style accessories and costumes, and not getting outfits or pieces from the wrong decade.

Platform shoes are almost a must when it comes to 70s Halloween costumes. There are other options that you may have, but these are easily going to provide you with the most authentic look available. Perhaps you should try a tube top, halter top, or a flower ring for your head so that you can look as hippie and 70’s as possible and make people notice you. Bright colors, crazy styles, and big hair and big jewels were the highlights of the 70s and you can pull them off on your own if you know what you’re doing.

Consider dressing up as a 70’s rock star if you’re looking to make a much bigger, louder appearance on Halloween. Try finding 70’s Halloween costumes that suit your tastes and your size needs. Don’t worry if you’re shopping for plus size costumes, because there are plenty of 70s and disco styles to choose from, even when you need something a bit larger for yourself. The best part about these costumes is that you usually don’t have to spend a fortune on the different pieces because they are so simple to make. You can buy an entire outfit without spending a lot of money, allowing you to have a groovy Halloween.

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