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Military Halloween Costumes - Five Sexy Military Costumes

Military Halloween costumes are always a big hit. Of course, sexy military costumes are even more of a hit, typically with the men in the crowd. Ladies are welcome to dress up in sexy sailor dresses, camouflage outfits that are tempting and seductive, and all kinds of other costumes that look nothing like your traditional military fatigues. Scary costumes are definitely popular on Halloween, but sexy costumes are just as popular, if not even more so, for many people. Whether you want to be a major, private, sailor, or sergeant, you can choose from a wide selection of military Halloween costumes that are sure to be a smashing success.

Here are five military Halloween costume ideas for men and women:

-Top Gun men’s or women’s sexy bomber jacket costumes: This timeless classic is always a hit with the ladies and the men, and anyone can pull it off.

-Triage Nurse: There’s nothing like a sexy girl in skimpy camouflage wear posing as a triage nurse to take care of service men who were wounded in battle. When you want to look superbly sexy and still show your patriotism, the sexy triage nurse costume is a great idea.

-Top Gun flight suit costume: Men (and women) can purchase the jumpsuit costume that looks just like the sexy flight suit worn by Tom Cruise in the movie. This costume is easy, simple, and still sexy enough to stand the test of time and turn plenty of heads.

-Top Gun flight dress for women: Again, sexy is in when it comes to military costumes. Who wouldn’t love to be the center of attention in a classic flight dress that is sure to turn heads everywhere they go?

-Major Mayhem: This is another sexy costume made to look like dress blues, specifically for ladies who want to show their dominance. For larger women, there is a plus size version available as well.

These are five of the sexiest military Halloween costumes. However, you should rest assured knowing that there are plenty more out there to choose from, and finding the one to suit your needs should not be difficult. Make sure that you take the time to check out all of your options and find the ideal sexy military costume for you. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a man or a woman because there are enough sexy costumes out there for just about everyone.

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