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Couples Halloween Costumes - Top Costume Ideas for Couples

If you are planning on attending the regular Halloween party circuit this year with your partner, you will want to find couples Halloween costumes to complement each other and ensure that everyone notices the two of you together out there. These couples Halloween costumes may range from sexy and seductive to sweet or funny, depending on what sort of costumes you choose. Some popular themes may also include humorous costumes, or those that are relevant to current events. Dressing up as movie star couples is also a common theme that those looking for easy couples Halloween costumes may strive for.

Here are 10 Costume Themes that can be great for selecting couples Halloween costumes:

  1. Oktoberfest – Beer Garden Girls and Lederhosen
  2. Wizard of Oz – Dorothy and the Cowardly Lion or the Tin Man
  3. Alice in Wonderland – Alice and the Mad Hatter
  4. Shrek – Shrek and Fiona
  5. Christmas – Santa and Mrs. Claus or even Sexy Santa’s Helper
  6. Law Enforcement – Police and Convict
  7. Medical – Nurse and Doctor
  8. 70’s Halloween – Mr. Saturday Night Fever and That 70’s Girl
  9. Jersey Shore – Snooki and The Situation
  10. The Flintstones – Barney and Wilma! Ooops, did I just let a secret out of the bag?

One Halloween costume idea that can be both easy to put together with the help of a prepackaged costume, and comfortable enough to wear throughout the evening, is a Greek Halloween costume. There are couples Halloween costumes in Greek themes, with togas, laurel leaves and wreaths, and gladiator sandals to complete the look. This could be extended to popular Greek Gods or Goddesses, or gladiators. Native American costumes are also a popular choice for couples Halloween costumes in recent years, with the full headdress and suede accessories making it easy to coordinate and match one another.

Holiday themes are also a good idea for couples Halloween costumes, because they are fairly straightforward and can be used again throughout the year. If the two of you choose to wear Santa Halloween costumes, for example, you could use these costumes not only for your Halloween costume, but then also down the road for Christmas. That is one way to get extra mileage out of your couples Halloween costumes. Another type of popular holiday couples Halloween costumes are those that are related to Valentine’s Day, such as dressing up as Cupid. There are unlimited options once you start getting creative.

Sometimes it can seem like Halloween is easier for women, who have such a vast array of sexy costumes to choose from each year. However, in terms of couples Halloween costumes, there are just as many men’s Halloween costumes to choose from that go along with their female counterparts. It’s not necessary to dress identically, but you can find a theme that works for both of you that will make you the life of the party. When stuck, it’s often a good idea to choose couples Halloween costumes that are related to recent films, television shows, or other characters from the headlines, for a fun and timely holiday.

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