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Greek Halloween Costumes - Step Back in Time to Ancient Greece

Pulling together Halloween costumes for adults can seem like a daunting task, if you are not the type of person that starts planning your costumes far in advance each year. Some of the simplest and most popular options are Greek Halloween costumes. This is a hot trend in 2010, due to a renewed interest in Greek mythology and all that it includes. Whether you are interested in couples Halloween costumes, or simply a hot costume for yourself, you can choose the Greek look that is both sexy and stylish, as well as comfortable enough to wear for a long night out, or several nights out as the case may be.

The most basic Greek Halloween costumes will encompass the traditional toga look that is also so popular in fraternity houses throughout the country. These can be made of simple bed sheets, tied around one shoulder. However, there are now more complex and realistic looking Greek Halloween costumes that also come with a variety of accessories. Mens Halloween costumes have come a long way in recent years, and the Greek look can be extended to be more of a gladiator than a drunken frat boy.

Some popular accessories to dress up basic Greek Halloween costumes include laurel leaves, wreaths, bracelets, jewelry, and sandals. This is a hip, bohemian look that can also be carried out throughout the year. Women who are looking for sexy Greek Halloween costumes may choose togas that are low-cut, or that show more leg. Men could choose to be completely bare-chested, or to go in Greek Halloween costumes that draw more influences from mythology, such as a centaur rather than a Greek partygoer. If you are throwing a party and choose to wear one of these Greek Halloween costumes, you might want to continue this theme with Greek food and music for a festive flair.

Music is at the heart of Greek Halloween costumes for some people, who could choose to carry around a small harp or lute for a more Grecian look. You could also choose specific Greek Halloween costumes that are supposed to be specific philosophers or mathematicians, if you want a more complicated and unique costume. However, the most basic Greek Halloween costumes are popular because they are simple and fuss-free. Really all that is needed are a few key accessories such as the ones mentioned above, and a piece of fabric that will drape nicely and keep you comfortable this Halloween.

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