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Corset Shopping Underbust and Overbust Corsets

If ever there’s been a piece of lingerie with a colorful history, it’s the corset. Originally worn by women to accentuate the ever popular “hourglass figure”, corsets have changed over time to accommodate different uses and looks. There’s literally something for everybody with traditional shaping corsets, corsets that mimic the sexy look of the traditional ones without actually being uncomfortable to wear, and even corset-style outerwear!

Traditional Corsets

Traditionally speaking, corsets were worn something like modern day girdles. In other words, they were intended to slim one’s waist and accentuate one’s figure in a discreet way. However, whereas girdles are usually made of elastic fabrics, corsets were not so forgiving and usually involved elements such as strips of steel or whalebone.

Ever watch old movies and wonder why the women are always fainting? Something shocking happens, they draw in a quick breath, and instantly they’re on the floor. The answer to the riddle is: they’re wearing corsets. Whenever one wore a corset, they were typically laced so tight that only very shallow breathing was possible. If you forgot this and tried to take a deep breath, as you might do when excited, it was all too common to black out on the spot!

Despite their benefits to the female figure, it was obviously only a matter of time before people started to look for a more comfortable alternative. That’s where the modern corset comes in.

Modern Corset

The modern corset, while it retains some of the shaping and slimming properties of the traditional kind, is largely a fashionable garment rather than a functional one. They are intended to evoke the same visual style as the old corsets, but are made of soft fabrics and are a great deal more comfortable to wear.

Still, why would anyone want to emulate the look of something as old-fashioned as a corset? As it turns out, there are tons of reasons.


There’s no denying that the corset is a powerful image. Whenever a woman wears one, she seems to stand taller, with better posture, and to possess a more commanding and regal bearing. For women who want to make it clear that they’re the ones in charge, without sacrificing a shred of their femininity, the corset look is a popular choice.


Lots of women enjoy taking the commanding presence we talked about above and running with it, turning it into a full on role-playing or fetish experience. For these women, the appeal of the corset is its unique combination of sexiness and dominance, elegance and power.


Still others simply enjoy the unique look offered by the corset! There’s no arguing that there’s simply nothing else like it out there, and the addition of it to a modern wardrobe will certainly make a woman stand out in any crowd.

Those looking to wear the corset in a modern way are in luck. It’s such a popular item that there are hundreds of different styles and colours available, from black leather numbers perfect for a night out at the clubs to elaborately detailed models that come across as the absolute height of formality.

If you’re looking for a way to add some instant flair to your lingerie collection, the corset is a timeless yet trendy way to do exactly that!

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